FINDS beta launch is here, babes

January 10, 2022

FINDS beta launch is here

Your fav fashion video marketplace has beta launched. Woo hoo! Our inclusive community of circular fashion cuties is now growing fast. We now have some of the best resellers, independent designers and creators selling via video listing and livestreams and making £££. Plus, we’ve also got a bunch of babes experiencing the most interactive way to shop sustainable fashion. But wait, wtf is beta? 

Basically, beta means we’ve launched, but only to a small number of buyers and sellers. This way, as you use the app you’re helping us to test, learn and improve. Launching the app in beta first allows us to make sure everything is running smoothly and (any glitches are gone) before we go hard on promoting ourselves and become the world’s fav resale app. We want to make sure you and your FINDS are matched up quickly and correctly, before we go global. We’re also taking this time to really get to know our sellers, buyers and the whole resale community. We wanna be besties <3

No worries if you’ve missed out on the beta sign up angel, you can still join the waitlist for early launch access. If you are thinking about selling on FINDS, we’d love to get to know you too! So drop us a dm on socials and keep an eye out for our IRL events.

Peep our beta launch on the app store iOS in the UK App Store.

Do we look okay? Tell us what you really think. We value your opinion so give it to us straight. Email us at or DM us on instagram

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