Join the #FINDSOnU Student Ambassador Programme

November 17, 2022

Join the #FINDSOnU Student Ambassador Programme

We want you, for FINDS On U! Join our brand new student initiative and earn free gifts throughout the academic year. 

Wondering what we do and what’s in it for you? Have no fear as all is explained below. 

FINDS sounds super cool, but what is it? 

FINDS is a video and live stream fashion marketplace. Think, being able to head to the thrift store, but virtually and in the comforts of your own home. We are all about including everyone, and our community is full of those who love to buy, sell and experiment with sustainable fashion together online. 

On FINDS, you can make money as well as shop for unique pieces. We help sellers to become the best at their business, and grow their shops within the app. 

How do I become a student ambassador? 

We’re recruiting students to spread the word about shopping and recirculating your wardrobe more sustainably using FINDS. An enthusiastic attitude, avid interest in fashion and FINDS profile are all essential. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the sustainable fashion industry and enhance your CV. 

The scheme runs from Nov 2022 – June 2023 and we are currently taking applications now. 

We’re looking for 1-3 people per university campus – so spots are limited!

Application Criteria:


So, what’s the catch? 

Your role would follow these three easy steps: 

  1. Spread the word on campus. 
  2. Share about us on social media. 
  3. Get results & get rewarded

Want to hear more about the rewards?

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