How is FINDS different to other resale apps? (Depop, Vinted etc.)

Can I change my email address in the app?

Yes! To change your email address: 

– Visit your profile 

– Tap the 3 lined icon in the top right of the screen 

– Go to settings – Account Details 

– Email 

– Type in your new email address and click “Save Changes”

Can I make videos & go live on FINDS without selling clothes?

How do I favourite an item?

How do I invite friends to the app?

How do I delete my FINDS account

Can I change my password?

Yes you can change your password. If you’re unable to log in, simply visit the login page and tap “Forgotten Password” and you’ll receive an email to change your password. If you are currently logged in: 

– Visit your profile 

– Tap the 3 lined icon in the top right of the screen 

– Go to settings 

– Account Details 

– Password 

– Type in your new email address and click “Save Changes”

Can I change my FINDS username?

How do I report something I see on the app?

How do I block another FINDS user?

Can I provide feedback on my app experience?

Why can’t I log into the app?

If you’ve forgotten your password, simply visit the login page and tap “Forgotten Password” and you’ll receive an email to change your password. 

If you’re still unable to login, your account may be on hold:

You may be required to provide proof of identification to the FINDS team. 
– We might need to verify your account with a phone verification. 
– Your account might be blocked. 

Contact our team to know more:

Why was my account blocked?

I tried to register on FINDS but my email was already taken?

1. Check whether it could be your old account. 

You may have created a FINDS account that you forgot about. To find out, press ‘Forgotten password?’ on the login screen and enter your email address. Within a few minutes, you should receive a password reset link to your email – click the link, create a new password and login to FINDS. If you don’t receive the password reset link, please take the step described below. 

2. Write to us to get help 

Send us an email at and let us know that even though you haven’t created a FINDS account, you’re being told that your email is taken. We’ll look into this and do our best to resolve the issue.

How do I change my delivery address?

– Visit your profile 

– Tap the 3 lined icon in the top right of the screen 

– Go to settings 

– Delivery Addresses 

– Edit 

– Type in your new address and click “Save Changes”

How does FINDS manage my personal data?


How do I cancel an order?

How do I offer a lower price?

How do I use a voucher?

How do I track a parcel?

How do I return an item?

Contact the seller for a refund or return if you have an issue 

How do I leave feedback?

FINDS Refund Policy

– Is significantly not as described 

– Never arrives 

– Is damaged in transit 

– Is cancelled by FINDS 

– Is cancelled by the Seller 

If your order does not fit any of those criteria, but doesn’t fit/isn’t your style, you won’t be able to claim a refund through FINDS. However you are free to chat to the seller and it will be up to them whether to accept the refund. 

There are two possible solutions you and the seller may agree on: 

– You can keep the item. 

– You can return the item, and claim a refund. 

If you fail to find a solution, you’re welcome to contact us so we can step in. Usually, buyers cover the cost of the return postage unless you and your seller agree otherwise. The return delivery cost depends on the courier you and the seller choose. Any provider is suitable, but make sure they offer parcel tracking. You’ll receive your refund in the same account that you originally paid from. The refund processing time depends on the payment method initially used for this order.

I received unfair feedback.

What payment methods can I use?

Can I reserve an item?


How does selling on FINDS work?

The video can just be a short boomerang, or you can get more creative to inspire your audience. Buyers can shop straight from these video listings, but if you want to boost sales and interact in real-time with your followers and the FINDS community, you can schedule a live stream: add the products from your listings you want to feature, go live at that date & time you choose, and away you go! 

Your livestream will be featured to the community and your followers will be notified that you are going live. Your items will appear on the side of the screen while you’re doing your livestream, and people can buy your items easily without leaving your show.

What if I can’t send my item right away?

If we don’t receive any shipping updates for 3 days after the item’s purchase, your order may be cancelled. 

If you’re unable to send the item within the 3 day period, please chat with the buyer via the chat function, explain the situation and cancel the order yourself if necessary. If you reach an agreement with your buyer before the cancellation, you’re more likely to avoid negative feedback.

Why was my listing hidden on the app?

– The item’s price, condition, size or hashtags are misleading

– The item’s description promotes another marketplace 

– It’s placed under a wrong catalogue category 

– The videos are of low quality 

– The item is uploaded for the purpose of bidding 

– The item is on our prohibited items list

What happens if I go on holiday or can’t check my FINDS for a while?

How do I withdraw my earnings?

I received unfair feedback.

My item isn’t selling, what can I do?

How do I list an item?

Once you have filled in all the information, tap “add item” and the listing will be created.

What can I sell on FINDS?

 Prohibited Items 

– Dropshipping including AliExpress items 

– Accessories of a sexual nature 

– Counterfeit items 

– Abusive/offensive items (e.g. inappropriate text/racist images) 

– Perfumes and cosmetics 

– Stolen Designs 

– Replicas 

– Stolen Property

– Goods from embargoed countries 

– New Leathers and Furs 

– Any non-fashion related items

How do I delete an item?

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